SEO Tools For Better SEO

With the globalization, online presence has become essential in order to communicate with the target audience. When you have an online presence in the form of a website, the position of your website on the search engine rankings do matter. You can easily achieve that by doing the operation yourself with the help of SEO tools; however, in order to do that, you need to know about the process first. In essence, you can take help of the tools or a professional search engine optimizer to help you achieve the required results. Here are some tools for you.

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keywords are the words, which are picked up by web crawler, and hence, it is essential that you have the proper keywords included in your contents. You can use the keyword suggestion tools for this purpose. However, before you use the tool, know about the category of your website and what are the most searched words or keywords within that category. This will help you to choose the correct type of keyword, which will increase the traffic in your website.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are the short tags or sentences, which are used to describe your website to the search engines. Having the proper Meta tag is essential in the proper categorization of the search engines. Either you can use the Meta tags generator, or if you have some knowledge with descriptions and keywords, you can write them manually.

Robots.txt Tool

This tool is essential to generate the robot texts, which the search engines such as Google or Yahoo will use. With the help of this, you can allow or disallow certain pages of the site. The robot texts are also essential in creating sitemaps, which the web crawler scrolls through in a website. Thus, this can be easily created by the robot.txt tool.

Tool for Page Comparison

If you are looking forward to move ahead of your competitors, then you need to know what is lacking in your website and yet is present in theirs. This is why the page comparison tool is essential. It will compare multiple pages based on the URL that you provide. Depending on the tool, that you are using, sometimes, the problems of the page is also highlighted even if it is missing in another website. This can also be done by a search engine optimizer who has knowledge of what is essential in a page, but cannot be done by you if you do not posses any technical knowledge.

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